Welcome to Blockberry API

Introduction to the Blockberry API Platform.

About Us

Blockberry is an open API platform providing an extensive set of indexed blockchain data that allows developers to build Web-3 applications: DeFis, including decentralized exchanges, block explorers, supply management platforms, etc.

What data we show

Apart from providing general blockchain data like accounts, transactions, validators, coins, and events - we have indexed a sufficient array of other helpful blockchain data: metadata, NFTs, collections, DeFis and DEX projects, marketplaces, top validators and accounts, charts, etc. The latter are available for paid plan subscribers only (see Pricing Plans page).

We may use data provided by third parties (CoinGecko, DefiLlama), of which we make a special notice in the description of each endpoint in case such data is used.


By using our API (with any Pricing Plan), you hereby abide to make a reference to us like “powered by Blockberry“ or “data provided by Blockberry“.


Blockberry API documentation contains detailed information on endpoints, including their description, query parameters, and their description, response details, including error responses and response samples in JSON format.

Read our introductory articles that will provide basic information about our APIs. Those include the following:

How to UseGuidelines on how to use Blockberry API.
SUI QuickstartSui API overview and a list of all Sui API endpoints.
Mina Mainnet QuickstartMina Mainnet API overview and a list of all Mina Mainnet API endpoints.
Mina Berkeley QuickstartMina Berkeley API overview and a list of all Mina Berkeley API endpoints.
PaginationThese are the pagination types that we use in our Blockberry API.
Error ReferenceThese are the most common errors you can encounter while using Blockberry API.
API CreditsAPI Credit calculation method and approach.
Pricing PlansDescription of our pricing plans.


If you have questions or encounter API issues, please visit our website and contact our support team. We are also available on Discord and Telegram 24/7 to assist you.

Thank you for using Blockberry API!