Error Reference

Here you can learn about the most common errors while using Blockberry API and the troubleshooting.

In general, all responses come into the following types:

  • Informational responses (100 – 199)
  • Successful responses (200 – 299)
  • Redirection messages (300 – 399)
  • Client error responses (400 – 499)
  • Server error responses (500 – 599)

If your request was successful, you will receive a response with code 200 or 201 and the queried data in JSON format. Otherwise, you get an error response with a message telling you what was wrong with your request and what you can do to get the queried data.

Below are possible error responses you may get:

Bad Request400One or more query parameters are wrong or missing.
Unauthorized401No or incorrect API key is entered in the query header.
Forbidden403The queried endpoint can't be accessed. This happens typically if you're trying to get data by a Pro endpoint without the necessary subscription.
Not Found404The queried address, transaction, coin, or object doesn't exist. This usually happens when you enter an incorrect hash.
Method Not Allowed405The server knows the request method, but the target resource doesn't support this method.
Request Timeout408Server timeout due to a slow request caused by an idle connection.
Payload Too Large413The requested data is larger than the limits defined by the server. The server might close the connection or return a Retry-After header field.
Unsupported Media Type415The server rejects your request since the media format of the requested data is not supported.
Too Many Requests429You have insufficient API credits. You can upgrade your subscription plan or wait for the next month to start.
Internal Server Error500The server has encountered a situation it does not know how to handle.
Gateway Timeout504The server acting as a gateway cannot get a response in time.