API Credits

On this page, you will read about how we assess our API endpoints using API credits.

What is Credits

API Credits are an abstract value of the total computing resources that the client application uses while querying our Blockchain API endpoints. They provide the most flexible way to measure the total computing resources, implementation effort, and value provided for each endpoint.

Some endpoints are more lightweight; some are more complex, i.e., their response time is longer, ultimately weighing on the overall throughput. Each endpoint is assigned a certain number of API Credits. The full list of endpoint costs is shown on Quickstart pages at the beginning of each section.

You can also find the list of endpoint costs on the API User Portal.

Calculating Credits

Let’s take a rough example to see how API Credits are charged. Suppose a user has 1000 API Credits left. 3 endpoints were queried: Endpoint 1 (35 API Credits), Endpoint 2 (60 API Credits), and Endpoint 3 (220 API Credits). Altogether, three queries cost 315 API Credits, so the user has 685 API Credits left after the queries. See the calculation in the table below.

ItemAPI Credits
API Credits before queries1000
Endpoint 1 cost35
Endpoint 2 cost60
Endpoint 3 cost220
Total queries cost315
API Credits after queries685

Spending and Tracking

The number of API Credits is capped according to the Price Plan to which a user is subscribed (see Pricing Plans). If you run out of API Credits, you can either wait until the beginning of the next month, when the API Credits are fully replenished or upgrade your Pricing Plan to get extra API Credits.

You can track your current API Credits on the API User Portal.