Coin reference, endpoint descriptions and links.


Coins (equivalent to ERC-20 tokens on Sui) are fungible tokens that can be used for payments and staking. Fungible tokens (coins) are fully interchangeable and standardized, which enables them to be used as a means of payment, a store of value, and a measure of value.

Like everything else on Sui, coins are objects that are minted by packages. Coins are denominated by their type parameter, which is also associated with metadata (name, symbol, decimal precision, etc.) that applies to all instances of this coin denomination. A coin object must contain the denomination type and the amount minted. To learn more about coins on Sui, go here.

Suiscan shows a list of all coins on the Sui Network.

The following endpoints are available for accounts on Blockberry.

getCoinsGet a list of all coin denominations on the Sui Network.
getCoinMetadataGet details of a coin denomination like name, symbol, Url link, description, social links, etc.
getCoinsCountGet the total number of coin denominations on the Sui Network.
getCoinsVerifiedCountGet the total number of verified coin denominations on the Sui Network.
getCoinsWithMarketCapCountGet the total number of coin denominations that went through ICO.
getCoinByCoinTypeGet coin denomination by coin type.
getHoldersByCoinTypeGet a list of accounts with coins of a particular denomination on balance.
getTransactionsByCoinTypeGet a list of all transactions run with the queried type (denomination) of coin.