Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Blockberry Platform. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome. You're on your way to immersing yourself in our extensive Platform Guides portal!

Whether you plan to learn many new things or create a great app, here are some things you'll want to check before you start.

Platform Guides

We provided some useful docs about our platform:

MetahubOn- and off-chain metadata we provide.
Data SubmissionGuide about data submission to the platform that provides our contacts and a list of supported user input.
Scam DetectionAn article revealing how we treat scam accounts and their objects.
VerificationsVerification guide: Learn how to verify your token, validator, staking program, and smart contract source code on Mina and Sui, as well as how to detect and report scams.
IntegrationsLearn about our integrations with ecosystem projects and products: wallets, marketplaces, DeFis, etc.
Data ExportsThis is a guide on how to export the blockchain data we show on our explorers.
Explorer RoutesA guide telling our partners how to redirect to our resources.

Blockchain Academy

We also prepared reference docs for you to understand how blockchain protocols work:

Mina OverviewLearn basic info about the Mina blockchain operation and its major entities.
Mina Staking ProcessBasic information on the staking process and rules on Mina.
Mina Delegations ExplainedA deep dive into the delegation lifecycle on Mina.
Mina Reward CalculationA reference telling how rewards are calculated on Mina.
Sui OverviewLearn basic info about the Sui Network operation and its major entities.
Sui AdvantagesSui's competitive edge over other L1s.
Object ModelAn article describing Sui's object model that is the cornerstone of the Sui Network design.
How Sui Ensures Asset SecuritySui's solution to ensuring asset security.
CoinsCoins and coin standards on Sui.
Fee ModelRead about how fees are charged on Sui and what they are supposed to incentivize.
Storage FundAn article about the storage fund design on Sui.
Transaction FlowBasic information about the delegation lifecycle on Sui.
ConsensusA deep dive into the Consensus mechanism on Sui.
Staking EconomyAn article describing how staking works on Sui: exchange rate, reward calculation and payment, etc.
Staking ProcessBasic information on the staking process and rules on Sui.
CryptographyLearn what hashing functions the Sui Network supports.
Checkpoint VerificationSee how checkpoints get verified by validators and full nodes on Sui.
KioskGet to know Kiosk - a standard and a decentralized system for trading digital assets on Sui.
DeepBookHere, you can read about DeepBook - the order book on Sui.

Explorer Guides

These docs will guide you through functions and operations available on our Minascan and Suiscan explorers:

How to Stake MinaMina staking guide.
Transaction BroadcastLearn how to run transactions using the broadcast transaction function on Minascan.
Custom RPC on MinascanGuide on the Private (Custom) GrahpQL feature on Minascan.
Minascan Rewards CalculatorLearn how to use our rewards calculator.
Mina GovernanceDescribes the governance mechanism and process on Mina and the functions related to governance on Minascan.
Mina NotificationsTells about our integration with the Mina Notifier Telegram Bot.
Time LocksExplains time locks, the unlock mechanisms on Mina, and the functions related to time locks on Minascan.
How to Stake SUISui staking guide.
How to Send SUIA giude on how to send SUI coins between accounts.
Transaction ExecutionGuide on how to execute a transaction manually.
Package VerificationGuide on how to verify package source code.
SuiNS Domains on SuiscanLearn about our integration with SuiNS Domain Name service and Domain NFTs.
Sui NotificationsIt tells about our integration with the Sui Notifier Telegram Bot.
How to Submit Validation ServiceValidator Submission Guide.
How to Submit an AccountAccount Submission Guide.
How to Submit a ProjectProject Submission Guide.
How to Submit a CoinCoin Submission Guide.
SCAM SubmissionScam Submission Guide.